In a world where everything is a few clicks away, visiting a healthcare facility for a regular health check-up is daunting. The Healthcare & Medical device developers of the generation are continually developing regular health vitals monitoring devices. These are ideal for use in any location and at any time.  

Global MedTech brands are investing millions to make complex healthcare monitoring and check-ups accessible. The Global Home Healthcare Market is projected to reach USD 298.2 Billion by 2026 from USD 198.9 Billion in 2021 at a CAGR of 8.4% during the forecast period (source:  The market is flooded with Healthcare/Medical gadgets for self-diagnosis & Monitoring. The competition is tough, and, to win its important to adhere to several basic key rules while developing the home healthcare or Wearable Medical Devices for health vitals monitoring. 

Several key aspects that we as a Medical Device Manufacturer think are important in-Home Healthcare or Wearable Medical Devices for health vitals monitoring are: 

#1. Ease of use, without Interference

A device that easily fits the regular routine of the user has better chances of being successful over something that interrupts and requires massive effort. For example, imagine designing a wearable health device that monitors heart rate. The biosensor based device for heart health monitoring should not ideally have any features that disturb regular functioning in day to day life. 

If the device makes very loud noise or its band material isn’t good fit for buyer then, it’s bound to fail. It is important to ensure a multidimensional analysis including design ease, accessibility, market relevance, competitor products and user behavior at the DFM stage so that the final design transferred to manufacturing is perfect for the targeted buyers of the product.  

#2. Aesthetics of Home Healthcare Device or Wearable Medical Device  

 The new-age device needs a new-age appealing look & feel. The aesthetics of the device must align with latest trends that suits the young users. To understand better, consider a wearable smartwatch. A smartwatch that matches the style sense of the user along with health monitoring benefits is more fascinating. 

Unlike olden days, when aesthetics wasn’t a big concern for medical device developers, now the times have changed. Especially while developing something like a Smart Health watch, a Wrist Health Band or a Biosensor BP detecting bracelet.  

#3. Accuracy of Home Healthcare Device or Wearable Medical Device 

 A Wearable or Home Healthcare Device is meant to keep the user aware of their vital health parameters. These devices are obviously not a substitute for doctor’s advice but they play a crucial role to check on user’s day-to-day health. In most of the cases, the information will be used to make lifestyle and diet changes accordingly. It is important for developers to validate and keep the accuracy of the gadget as close as possible to conventional means of diagnosis & monitoring.  

#4. UX of the device must be Intuitive 

 In the current scenario, if user needs a manual to learn operating the device or gadget, it is a failure. The user interface of a home-healthcare device should be easy to understand. Interactive interface is a primary requirement for a device to succeed. Remember, the purpose for which the end-user will buy your product is to save time, not to waste time on long learning modules.  

#5. Affordability & Cost Factor  

 A device meant for healthcare at home or a simple wearable health vitals monitoring device should have a justified cost. While developing its important to work closely with marketing & sales team to come up with the desired product, at right cost for the targeted buyers. A cursory analysis of other similar competitor products is also necessary to build a USP driven wearable healthcare device for vitals monitoring.  

 Why choose Johari Digital Healthcare for developing your Home Healthcare or Wearable Medical Device?  

  • Our team has specially trained experts for Wearable and Home Healthcare Devices 
  • We can provide you 360 degree manufacturing and development services 
  • We balance cost and innovation through design management and vendor analysis 
  • We have an expert market research wing to help you arrive at the best decision for your project  
  • We support you through Regulatory Compliance  
  • We accelerate your product development with efficient supply chain and global logistics network 

 Sign up with Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd. to explore multidimensional Medical Device Development services. 



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