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Pain Management


Get your own ready to market RF device at record
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First in Nation, Solid State Shortwave Diathermy for
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


Solid State Shortwave Diathermy

SWD-SS 1000 is used for deep heating of the internal tissues by
electromagnetic energy. On application, the frequency of
27.12Hz converts the electromagnetic energy into the circulation
currents within tissues delivering a heating effect. The device is
instrumental in relieving the pain of osteoarthritis, bursitis,
dislocations, fractures, facial paralysis, and so on.

  • Output 1000W max in continuous mode, 500W max in pulsed mode
  • Automatic Resonance Tuning System
  • Automatic monitoring of distributed energy transfer to applicators
  • Color Screen Display with interactive GUI

Customization For Your Private Label Products

We also provide customization across Enclosures, GUI, Model type, Aesthetics and Packaging. Our expertise across various verticals makes our portfolio versatile to cater to multiple segments for private labeling.

Enclosures Options

Plastic – Sheet Metal
Thermo forming
Aluminium Extrusion

Operating Options

Touch Screen – GUI
Capacitive Touch Button
MKB Panels
LCD and Buttons

Packaging Options

Customize Packaging

Branding Option

Logo Printing

More Technologies

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Ultrasound is used as a diagnostic, pain-relieving and aesthetic technology. Broadly, Therapeutic Ultrasound is classified as Thermal & Non-Thermal Ultrasound.

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Low Level Laser

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