Medical Device Design and Development

Design & engineering solutions at Johari accelerate medical device design and development along with cost optimized manufacturing. Our medical device design and development services offers concept designing, prototyping, and value engineering to ensure fast-paced Go-to-Market and compliance to ISO: 13485 guidelines

Medical Device Design Services

As a global Medical Device Design company, we shape your ideas into a manufacturable design.
Our team of experts is excellent at accelerating regulatory-compliant medical device design processes.

Industrial Design

We make sure our designs are user friendly, well evaluated, practically functional and fulfill regulatory requirements. Our industrial design process involves:

  • Sketching
  • Aesthetic framing & analysis
  • CAD designing
  • Tooling
  • Prototyping

Electronics Design

Our medical device developers has significant working experience with
multilayer PCB designs, high density SMT layouts,
Flex PCB’s and more. Our expertise includes:

  • System Architecture
  • PCB Layout Design
  • Electronics Embedded Design
  • Circuit Design
  • Wired & Wireless Communications

Software Design

Our expertise in medical software designing
include efficient software development planning,
execution and management. We specialize in:

  • Medical Software Development [IEC
  • Software architecture design
  • Software V&V and Compliance Testing
  • Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (Electrical
    Stimulation Devices)
  • UI/UX for Medical Applications
  • Mobile App Development [IOT Application]
  • PLC based industrial product development
  • Cloud based data storage & sharing[Telehealth]

Medical Device Engineering Services

Outsourcing your medical device engineering and design services to us brings down the cost in overall manufacturing without putting quality at stake.

Product Engineering & Prototyping

We engineer state of the art products with user friendly features while remaining cost competitive. We specialize in:

  • Tools and die developments
  • Parts development
  • Surface Finishing
  • Precision Machining
  • Materials of Housing
  • Sheet Metals, Plastic, Injection Molding

Value Engineering

We optimize cost and deliver innovative engineering solutions that match industry standards. We adopt a systematic approach to provide efficient/maximum functionalities at the lowest cost. The process involves:

  • Medical device design and optimization
  • Spec work for Design
  • Cost Optimization
  • Eliminating use of obsolete components
  • Manufacturing process optimization

DMR (Device Master Record)

We maintain DMR to easily identify source of error in case of any non compliance. As per the FDA compliance, we record:

  • Device specifications
  • Production process specification
  • Quality Assurance procedures
  • Packaging & labeling specifications
  • Servicing procedures

Our Certifications

Explore Our Medical Device Projects

MPBio Medicals LLC, USA

Cell Homogenizer, Sample Preparation System
(Diagnostic Device)

Our Services:
Product Design, Embedded System, Software Design, Regulatory Support, Supply Chain management

Sigtuple, India

AI & Cloud Based Digital Blood Smearing Device
(Diagnostic Device)

Our Services:
Industrial Design, Engineering, Contract Manufacturing, Supply Chain management

Johari Digital, India

iNishcalm - CES Based Sleep Inducing Device
(Wearable Device)

Our Services:
Industrial Design, Electronic Design, Mechanical Design, Software Design

Cutera Inc, USA

Trusculpt Flex- Non Surgical Contouring
(Aesthetic Device)

Our Services:
Product Design, Embedded System, Software Design, Regulatory Support, Supply Chain management

Neufit, USA

Neubie- Neuro Muscular Stimulation Device
(Sports Medicine)

Our Services:
Product Design, Software Design, Regulatory Services, Supply Chain Management

7E Wellness, USA

MyoLift- Microcurrent Device to Skin Care
(Handheld Aesthetic Device)

Our Services:
Product Design, Software Design, Mobile Application, Engineering, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

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