Delivering US FDA 510K approved CES devices for multiple applications




Get your own ready to market CES device or embed CES in your existing
medical device at record speed with high quality & optimized cost

CES devices for sound sleep


Wearable Device for Relaxation

iNishCalm is a next-generation CES based sleep-inducing
device for anxiety, insomnia and relaxation. The stylish design,
minimal handling, and advanced aesthetics make this a
premium product. It is smart wearable with integrated
electrodes and a chargeable battery enabling comfortable use
in homes, gyms, parks, office spaces, spas, and so on.

  • Smart phone app controlled device wearable

  • Comfortable Stimulation

  • Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery


Portable Hand Held Device for Relaxation

NishCalm is a portable, safe, and efficient sleep inducing &
relaxation solution. The CES technology in the device increases
energy, improves mood, and promotes deep sleep with zero
drugs. The device is easy, portable, and ideal for home health
care, personal wellness, frequent travelers and individuals with
hectic busy schedule.

  • Hand Held device for wellness

  • Comfortable Stimulation

  • Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery

Customization For Your Private Label Products

We also provide customization across Enclosures, GUI, Model type, Aesthetics and Packaging. Our expertise across various verticals makes our portfolio versatile to cater to multiple segments for private labeling.

Enclosures Options

Plastic – Sheet Metal
Thermo forming
Aluminium Extrusion

Operating Options

Touch Screen – GUI
Capacitive Touch Button
MKB Panels
LCD and Buttons

Packaging Options

Customize Packaging

Branding Option

Logo Printing

More Technologies


The process of Electrostimulation involves modulating the nerve signaling by electrical impulse.

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Ultrasound is used as a diagnostic, pain-relieving and aesthetic technology. Therapeutic Ultrasound is classified as Thermal & Non-Thermal Ultrasound.

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Low Level Laser

Low-Level- Laser-Therapy (LLLT) is a non-invasive therapy delivered by a device emitting laser of wavelength specific to the treatment area.

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