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Get your own ready to market Ultrasound device at record
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Johari’s Advanced Ultrasound Therapy Devices


Next Generation Ultrasound Therapy

The device provides effective Continuous and Pulsed
treatments in 1 & 3 MHz frequencies through a unique
ultrasound applicator. The effect of ultrasound increases blood
flow in affected area leading to reduction of local swelling &
chronic inflammation and bone fracture healing.

  • 1 and 3 MHz ultrasound frequencies
  • Pulsed and continuous ultrasound therapy operation
  • Innovative design allows for cart, table top, wall or mobile use
  • Capacitive touch button

Hilipo Cavi

40 KHz Ultrasonic Cavitation Therapy

Hi Lipo Cavi is one of the most advance and efficient
systems using low-frequency 40KHz ultrasound for easy,
painless & non-surgical reduction of localized
subcutaneous unwanted fat from the problem areas. The
device is also effective in cellulite reduction.

  • Low frequency (40KHz) ultrasound cavitation
  • Adjustable treatment Time
  • Large applicator to cover large areas
  • Easy MKB panel controlled device

Customization For Your Private Label Products

We also provide customization across Enclosures, GUI, Model type, Aesthetics and Packaging. Our expertise across various verticals makes our portfolio versatile to cater to multiple segments for private labeling.

Enclosures Options

Plastic – Sheet Metal
Thermo forming
Aluminium Extrusion

Operating Options

Touch Screen – GUI
Capacitive Touch Button
MKB Panels
LCD and Buttons

Packaging Options

Customize Packaging

Branding Option

Logo Printing

More Technologies


The process of Electrostimulation involves modulating the nerve signaling by electrical impulses.

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Radio Frequency

The RF technology produces therapeutic effects by increasing blood perfusion, nutrient, and oxygen supply of the treated tissue.

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Low Level Laser

Low-Level- Laser-Therapy (LLLT) is a non-invasive therapy delivered by a device emitting laser of wavelength specific to the treatment area.

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