Miss Reena Daga in conversation with Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief, MPO-MAG shared ground realities of the fast-evolving Medical Device Contract Manufacturing industry. The Editorial titled “The New State of Outsourcing” has been featured in the prestigious Medical Product Outsourcing Magazine MPO-MAG, the only global magazine dedicated to the growing trend of medical device outsourcing

In the Article, Miss Daga talks about Tackling Challenges associated with Supply Chain Disruptions, Technology in Medical Device Manufacturing, the Importance of communication in Medical Device Manufacturing, and much more. In one of her statements, she says, “We see a major shift in attitude changing with regard to international manufacturing. Geography and distances are no longer the constraints. If we talk about U.S.-based OEMs shifting manufacturing to India, there are multiple reasons that support the evident shift.

Shedding light on the importance of transparency and communication in the Medical Device OEM and Contract Manufacturer relationship she also said “During CoVID-19 times, we had slight changes and will continue leveraging them in the future. We incorporated digital technologies at various levels for tracking, sharing, and connecting with end customers. During this course of instability and fickleness, it was imperative for the customers to get a candid view of their project. We increased the frequency of calls with the customer from weekly to daily. Our SCM team worked in synergy with the customer’s SCM team so the sun never set for supply chain activities. We had an online/real-time KANBAN system implemented for triage meetings (for example, JIRA from the confluence). We included the key stakeholders in every meeting for quick decisions and implementation. This facilitated smooth progress and helped us to get through the bottlenecks almost immediately.

 The article reveals the impact of COVID-19 on Medical Device Manufacturing & strategies adopted by some of the most renowned Medical Device Manufacturers to assist OEMs in accelerating their new Medical Device products to market.  

It’s a must-read for Medical Device Industry professionals.

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