The point of care medical device market is growing at a fast pace for the last two decades. There is an emerging trend of POCT working closely along the clinical care units to reduce the total laboratory around time.

In general, point of care Medical Devices has made monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment much easier than ever before. The conventional diagnosis methods are costly and time taking due to which Point of care medical device manufacturers are inclined towards investing in this segment to devise better solutions.

As a globally trusted Point of Care Medical Device Manufacturer, Johari Digital Healthcare focuses on manufacturing wearables, home healthcare devices, and clinical Point of Care medical devices that deliver ease of use and convenience to the end user.

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Blood sugar testing is a regular requirement for diabetics. When done in a conventional setting it takes a lot of time and a significant amount of expenditure. Glucometers on the other hand offer a convenient method to test blood sugar within the comfort of the home at any time and at a minimal cost.
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AI Based Blood Analyzer Device

Blood analysis and sampling is one of the primary requirements in clinical testing and procedures involving analysis. Accelerating the blood testing procedures subsequently increases pace of treatment for multiple health conditions.

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Benefits of Point of Care Medical Devices

Fast Results & Treatment

The main concept behind designing and developing a Point-of-care medical device is reducing the dependency on conventional long laboratory tests. The point of care diagnostic devices enables fast detection and fast treatment.

Low cost

The long laboratory test is costly and involves a lot of instrumentation and infrastructure. Using Point of Care medical devices reduces the cost of tests as well as the infrastructure and workforce cost.


The Point of Care medical devices are best in cases where the test is private. Be it an HIV Test, pregnancy test, or any other confidential Health condition check-up where an individual demands privacy POC testing is a perfect choice. It’s convenient to perform tests within the comfort space of the individual. The handy in-vitro point of care diagnostics makes it easier to test and keep results confidential.


The point-of-care medical devices can be used within the comfort of your home anytime. Convenience covers a wide spectrum of parameters including handling ease, time convenience, and zero dependencies. Unlike conventional testing and laboratory procedures, the point of care medical devices offers a quick result followed by an easier treatment.

Futuristic Point of Care Medical Devices

Fidget Spinner for bacterial infection detection

The small fidget spinner uses centrifugal forces to concentrate the bacteria in the urine sample. The sampling is highly beneficial in diagnosing urinary tract infections and pathogen susceptibility to antibiotics.

Smartphones as Point of Care Medical Devices

Heart rate monitoring systems, Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems, and oxygen level monitoring systems. All these are now being installed as a smartphone-enabled Healthcare application. The health tracking watches and different other types of wearables including a device to track your sleep routine or something to check your menstrual cycle are all covered under the point of care Medical Device.

Sensor Based Point of Care Medical Devices

Electrochemical Sensor based devices for infection detection, cancer care and rapid innovation shall be the prime focus of the Point of Care Medical Devices. The devices shall raise the bar and will be see a massive growth by 2030.

Miscellaneous Point of Care Medical Devices

  • Cholesterol Level
  • Electrolyte Analysis
  • Pregnancy
  • Cardiac Markers
  • Enzyme Analysis
  • Drug Tests
  • Infectious Diseases

With our experience, capabilities and skill set we are ready to explore expanding horizons in manufacturing of Point of Care (POC) Medical Devices. Get in touch for any wearable healthcare device manufacturing, POC device Manufacturing or any other innovative project.



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