The Diagnostic medical device manufacturing industry numerous challenges lying ahead. Diagnostic manufacturers are devising innovative means to facilitate fast diagnosis of life-threatening conditions thus preventing fatal consequences in the long run.
It’s evident from the current situation that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to affect the medical device manufacturing industry and companies shall strive & innovate to be ready for upcoming challenges. Every step from ideation, design, engineering and regulatory will require tweaking to cater to the upsurge in the diagnostic requirements in face of the pandemic.

70% of the medical decisions pertaining to the line of treatment depend on the diagnostic results. Considering growing demand for faster turnaround time, many players are keen to invest in this arena. The segment is bound to experience 10-20% annual growth at least for next three years. Within the diagnostic segment, pathology will be the biggest contributor for business. Transformed business models, health policies, and technological advancements shall change the face of diagnostic industry. The prime focus on preventive and curative healthcare catalyzes the demand for smarter diagnostics. As a major contributor in healthcare, Johari is highly determined to manufacture reliable, faster, and economic diagnostic solutions.

India’s Leading World Class
Diagnostic Device Manufacturing Company

At Johari, we support the creation of world class digital medical, healthcare and diagnostic devices by offering integrated design and manufacturing facilities. With our quality life science and diagnostic devices, we earned our name as diagnostic device manufacturing company. We ensure regulatory compliance and strict adherence to ISO13485: QMS. We supervise each stage of the project, from pilot to full scale manufacturing, as a result of which we are able to enhance the end-user experience by producing defect-free products.

Johari’s Technology Landscape
across diagnostic products

We have enhanced our technology landscape in the last decade in medical device manufacturing. We have made our identity as life science & diagnostics device manufacturing company. We innovated, designed and manufactured several life science, bio science and diagnostic equipment like colorimetry, blood homogenization, DNA extractor and in-vitro diagnostic equipment.

1. DNA/RNA sample homogenizer


Homogenization is breaking of the bigger molecules of the sample into smaller parts under high pressure, shear turbulence, acceleration, and impact. The core purpose of breaking, lysing or homogenizing particles of the sample is efficient testing. These processes increase the surface area facilitating faster evaluation and delivery of the stated treatment.

Applications of Homogenization

  • In pathology labs for sample preparation
  • In the cosmetics & food industry
  • In antibiotics and sample preparation
  • In universities for research and testing
  • In forensic labs for crime investigation via DNA sampling & probing

Exclusive Features

  • Bead-beating technology is remarkably proven to optimize speed and cost of the homogenization processes.
  • Ideal for working with highly infectious, pathogenic and biologically hazardous samples.
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 450 Celsius, well suited for autoclaving or pyrolysis.
  • Safe to use metal adaptors with laboratory detergents.
  • Can process up to 45 samples at once.
  • Integrated USB port.
  • Download/export assay history.
  • Upload and install software updates for an extended processing.

2. Cloud-based Blood Sampling


A new age telemedicine supporting device for digitizing the blood sampling process. This cloud-based technology digitizes the blood smear slides. The device scans selected portions of the slide and stores the images in the cloud. The cloud images can be accessed at any location for analysis & generating a report. This way the overall time of the testing, processing, reporting and treatment are reduced.


  • Pathology Labs
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals

Exclusive Features

  • Cloud storage of the digitized slides facilitates telemedicine (after clubbing with reporting platform)
  • Enables multiple consultations & analyses.
  • Improves the speed of pathological reports.
  • Faster analysis facilitates preventive healthcare over curative healthcare.

3. Colorimeter


The technology involves the absorbance of the light to detect the bacteria in the sample under evaluation. The intensity of light absorbed denotes the microbial load present in the sample. The technology finds maximum utility in food, water and clinical sampling.


  • Microbiology labs
  • Pathology labs
  • Dairy manufacturing units
  • Adultery labs

Exclusive Features

  • High precision motion control
  • Mobile optics mechanism
  • Capable of sampling 60 samples in one cycle
  • Instant results for faster treatment
  • Customizable application-based technology
  • AI Based devices

Way forward…

Diagnostic manufacturing industry is undergoing a major shift towards much more economical, handy and fast diagnostic solutions. The conventional technologies will be clubbed with the latest generation technologies to make telehealth much more robust and stronger. As a prime contributor in healthcare our manufacturing shall also shift towards much more feasible, reliable and fast life science solutions for better healthcare.

If you have diagnostic device manufacturing requirement, please feel free to talk to us.



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