The COVID-19 outbreak has suddenly brought an upsurge in the IVD manufacturing segment. Based on the Allied Market research, the global market of  in-vitro diagnostics devices is estimated to reach $91.09 Billion at an impressive CAGR of 4.8% by 2027. The demand for rapid and on-point care/diagnostic systems is rising significantly. As the demand is rising, Johari is re-inventing capabilities to satisfy the growing demands of the industry.

Johari Digital- Preferred choice as
In-Vitro Diagnostic Device Manufacturer

We are a leading In-vitro Diagnostic Device Manufacturer creating products in sync with the latest trends and requirements with a deep understanding of the intricacy’s peculiar to IVD. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities, innovative approach, a strong vendor network stringent compliance with regulatory makes us your perfect In-Vitro Diagnostic Device Manufacturing partner.

Our Technology Landscape

Some of the key In Vitro Medical Devices on which we have been working on:

  • AI based Blood Sampling Device for Malaria & Sickle cell detection
  • Spectrometry and colorimetry based Clinical Chemistry Devices
  • Glucometer Devices
  • Cancer Diagnostic Devices
  • Infectious Disease Diagnostic Devices
  • Immunodiagnostic Devices
  • OTC IVD Devices

We are Expert in

Industrial Design

The diagnostic devices require precision and specific understanding of IVD design. Keep user’s ease at priority. The operating ease, handling ease, and instruction language must be easy to understand for all kinds of users. At Johari, market feedback and research are crucial parameters for successful conceptualization and designing of an IVD product.   

Simulation Modeling

Simulation Modeling involves testing the design in a computer-aided program for its processes. Simulation prevents surprises and provides clarity on how the device will work as well as presents possibilities to make the functionality smoother. It’s virtual prototyping to ensure design efficiency, reliability, and safety. As an experienced OEM/Contract Manufacturer, we know the criticality of simulation modeling for IVD manufacturing.  

Accuracy and Quality

IVDs are used by end-users, on-point care personnel, and at various risky avenues. It’s important to evaluate functionality of the device for accurate results as any error means a wrong diagnosis followed by irrelevant treatment. At Johari, we perform a proper clinical evaluation of the prototype before sending the device for mass manufacturing. This ensures the device is perfectly safe and delivers accurate results.  

 Cost optimization

Cost optimization is the main goal of outsourcing manufacturing. At Johari, we have strong vendor network, design optimization techniques, material analysis experts and various other innovative ways to optimize the overall manufacturing cost.  

Quality & Safety assurance

Many IVD devices (Class II) are over-the-counter products. It’s important to analyze quality and manufacturing in compliance with US FDA and other regulatory standards to develop safe Class I, Class II, and Class III-Vitro Diagnostic tools for use. At Johari, we maintain stringent compliance with regulatory guidelines to manufacture safe In-vitro Medical Devices.  Our processes involve efficient quality control (Initial Quality Control, in quality control and Final quality control) to keep quality intact.  

 Off-the-shelf Software in IVD

This kind of utility helps reduce cost and time to market. A set of pre-defined programs can be directly used in the device without any major re-work. The major elements (positioning/motion control/robots/ drive and control electronics, control/data processing/GUI software, liquid handling, precision fluidic control and dispense) come in handy with OTS. As far as the modules are flexible and scalable these are good and efficient to enhance longevity and reduce time to market. As IVD manufacturer Johari has an enriched experience in Off-the-shelf software management to reduce time to market and extra effort. 



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