Being in Physiotherapy profession, have you ever wondered, what makes your Clinic successful !
A right equipment is a backbone for any physiotherapy clinic and choosing the right medical gear for your business is not that simple. High-quality physiotherapy devices often comes with high prices and high maintenance.
This doesn’t mean that you must acquire the costliest physical therapy equipment and become satisfied with what you have. Rather, it is more important that you choose the right tools to help your patients with both health development and recovery. You need to be assure that your equipment quality should be such that can withstand regular use by patients with a variety of different needs, different body types and with different pain conditions.

Trending Physiotherapy Devices for your Clinic

1. WellStim

An excellent combination device with Electrotherapy + Ultrasound + CES (Stress-relief) therapy. Variety of waveforms, treatment parameters and unique technologies makes it top clinicians’ choice. Truly effective in conditions like musculo-skeletal pain, Joints pain, Sciatica, Low Back Pain, Arthritis pain, post-surgical pain etc. EXPLORE MORE >

2. WinLase

The device is a revolution in therapeutic laser technology, especially for orthopedic Physiotherapy. Exclusive features like large touch-screen, portable, user friendly interface and 2 applicators add value to the equipment. Visible results can be seen on conditions like Achilles Tendinitis, pain disorders and post-surgical acute & chronic pain. EXPLORE MORE >

3. Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is an incredibly effective tool in dealing with subacute, subchronic and chronic pain conditions across the body. It emits high-energy acoustic waves that stimulates regeneration in targeted tissues like the muscles and bones. The device is effective in Orthopaedics, pain management, sports rehabilitation and medical aesthetics.

4. RF Technology

Solid State Shortwave Diathermy meets the needs of rehabilitation clients efficiently. Its most advanced induction field circuitry provides frequency of 27.12 MHz that penetrates deep into muscle tissues. Ideal for professionals or trained personnel in physiotherapy, rehabilitation or Hospital setup.

5. Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy has a variety of uses and has become increasingly common and must-have device in physical therapy. It is used to treat various injuries and effectively beneficial in wound healing. Therapeutic ultrasound is generally used to treat contracture of the joints, Frozen shoulders, tendonitis and bursitis. EXPLORE MORE >



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