Every Medical Device Developer wants minimal costs, high quality, and first-mover advantage. But, getting all at once under a single roof is an uphill task. Finding a medical device manufacturing partner who can be with you from concept to final manufacturing stage is extremely difficult but worth an effort. Generally, medical device companies hire multiple parties for different tasks from regulatory, design, quality assurance, documentation, to supply chain management. This incurs numerous loopholes in the manufacturing and development process. The cost of manufacturing and regulatory approval is usually a big obstacle in the path of Go-to-Market.

Here we analyze the key benefits one can avail by partnering with a single Medical Device Contract Manufacturer.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your medical device manufacturing to a single company?

Cost Optimization

Fragmenting manufacturing across different locations might give you an illusion that the cost will be reduced. But, different timelines fragmented coordination, and combining parts incurs a cost that you may have not opted for initially. Also, the reset part of the manufacturing requires repetitive setting up costs.

Faster Go-To-Market

Who wants to miss the “First Mover Advantage”? Being first gives you a chance to frame the brand name for your technology. Apple is for Smartphones because the brand had a first-mover advantage. It’s because they could take the product at the right time in the market. Imagine their contract manufacturer delaying their project for 5-6 years they would have lost the opportunity to become first. Signing up with a firm where you get all the services under one roof allows you to become first and get the first mover advantage. Timelines are the real businesses and the ones who give you right services at right time are you should sign up with.

No alignment and confusion in the development process

Maintaining a balance between Designers, Developers and Regulatory at different locations is a complex task. These increase your overall manufacturing costs, efforts required, timeline and management hustle. Getting everything under one roof is all you need to scale strong and fast. Decisions at the initial stage eventually determine the fate of your project. It’s important to keep everything aligned and easy to manage.

Keeping operations fragmented and dispersed will lead to losses in the long run. Signing up with a Contract Manufacturer offering everything under one roof will help you to expand exponentially with minimal efforts.

Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd. offers concept to manufacturing services for all global MedTech giants. Johari’s diverse product development portfolio includes innovative life science products, diagnostic devices, clinical laboratory devices, Point-of-Care devices, In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs), Wearable Healthcare Devices, Connected AI-enabled healthcare monitoring Devices, and Therapeutic devices. With a well-equipped facility and advanced capabilities, we help our clients across the entire product development cycle of a wide range of products in Pain management, Neuro Rehab, Physiotherapy, Medical Aesthetics, and Stress Management.



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