“We have developed the understanding through Yoga and Meditation – whatever we do, we should do it whole-heartedly.”

– Nisha Johari 

When did Meditation and Yoga enter your life?  

Yoga and meditation

In the early stage of our life, we faced a chaotic situation. Both, socially as well as professionally. Meditation was like a way out in that chaotic situation. It came as a blessing in disguise. At that time ‘meditation’ was not a very celebrated activity in India (though it was introduced to the world by the East).  

People would mock us for promoting meditation. But we were ardent and we had faith in meditation. We dived into it and it gave us a very strong base. To put it simply, it made us self-aware & helped us live life with a deeper & insightful perspective.  

Meditation is a very personal experience and we’ve heard it affecting people’s life personally. But, how does it impact professional wellbeing?


I think it is most challenging to keep a balance between the outside and inside life. As time passed, we could get the knack of it as an art. We learned to use our awareness & peaceful mind to be creative. We could bring innovative thinking to the table. Subsequently, fear of failing while experimenting diminished with time.  

 What do we mean by workplace spirituality?  

It is to bring the best output from each one, thinking that each one is unique. We trigger energy in people so that they work in full awareness. This ensures quality in our day-to-day professional life.  

Can meditation help maintain a healthy corporate culture, eliminating the rush to rise on the corporate ladder?

We never believed in the ladder or rat race. We had developed the understanding through Yoga and Meditation – whatever we do, we should do it whole-heartedly. We believe in enjoying the process. We even encourage our employees to enjoy the process and not become a part of a rat race. 

 Are Yoga and Meditation the same or different?

Yoga is the balance of the body and mind. It includes Physical & mental fitness. It empowers the senses and promotes holistic well-being. 

Meditation is about introspection. It makes you self – aware which in turn helps in living peacefully at ease in all light & dark phases of life. 

 What are your thoughts on Work-Life Balance?  

Both work and meditation are indispensable parts of our lives.  

We believe in constructive energy & we foster it in all dimensions of our existence. Yoga and meditation helped us realize the purpose of our existence on this planet. Meditation & introspection made us aware that every creature on the planet has a limited time to make living worth. We make sure we make the best use of our time by being creative & constructive in our endeavors.



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