We are extremely glad to announce that we are expanding to Medical Devices Park, Jodhpur. With this expansion, Johari Digital Healthcare welcomes numerous challenging healthcare projects from global MedTech giants.

What makes this expansion so special?

The expansion to Medical Device Park opens up numerous possibilities to grow. As a Global Medical Device Manufacturing company catering to multiple segments including life sciences, medicine, laboratory & research equipment, diagnostics, wearables and many more we shall enter newer domains as we move ahead. Acquiring 1,30,000 sq ft of area brings us closer to accomplishing following goals.

1. Fulfill the growing demand of Accessible, Affordable and Quality Healthcare Devices

With growing space now we can fulfill the growing demands of the healthcare industry. The expansion will help us deliver quality healthcare devices at a faster pace and at a wider scale.

2. Promotion of Make in India

Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd. is continually standing with the mission of “Make in India”, with this expansion we take one more step in this direction by increasing our capacity to produce affordable, accessible and quality medical devices.

3. Boost Innovative Healthcare

The expansion will also catalyze the development of innovative healthcare. The Medical Device Park in collaboration with IIT, Jodhpur will catalyze innovation and fast-track the development of new medical devices.

4. Commercialization of ideas from academia

The research of qualified projects at universities can be used to manufacture quality healthcare devices. The expansion is also a creative way to make ideas commercially viable.

5. Boost in local Employment

The establishment and expansion of work in Medical Device Park would bring numerous opportunities for young engineers and local talent. This also caters to the mission of inhibiting the brain drain from prestigious institutes across the country.

With this expansion, Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd  welcomes innovators from all over the globe to symbiotically grow and build futuristic healthcare & medical devices.



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