To start your own physiotherapy clinic as a physiotherapist, is quite challenging. Because at that point you are redesigning your career as a Professional Therapist with the initiatives as an entrepreneur. Starting and managing your own clinic comes with more responsibilities and risks. However, with years of practice and a robust business plan, you can start-up your own clinic.
Acquiring new patients and winning repeated customers is a major advantage for any physiotherapy clinic. And here are some important steps to consider for planning your new physiotherapy business.

Step-1: Focus your Niches

No practice can begin without some precise research. While conducting your research, you need to answer the following questions to yourself:

  Who are your patients?
  What type of physiotherapy do they need?
  Why do they need physiotherapy?
  Why will they choose your clinic?
  What scope of competition exists in this profession?

Step-2: What type of Physiotherapy Practice is good for you

Merely taking the step of running your own clinic is not enough. Physiotherapy practice means more that!

You should choose other health services in addition to physiotherapy and electrotherapy, such as manual therapy, osteopathy or chiropractic.  You may offer a type of gym and let your patients use your equipment on a regular basis. With this unique initiative you can provide a true contribution to their recovery with your gym environment.

Step-3: Choose good location

It is important to consider the geographical location for your practice as it will attract the local people. A good place will make good references and word-of-mouth promotion. How much space you think is needed – is also an important decision. The place should not be too small, it should ensure a comfortable treatment experience to your patients.

Step-4: Choose the necessary Treatment Device

Invest in good and quality devices. The devices will help you turn your practice into a powerful success story. Good equipment requires an investment but it will last for years. Johari Digital provides you the best devices for your clinic starting with the minimum budget of 1 Lac.

You should also be very clear about the treatment modalities you need in your clinic. You must know what practices sets your clinic apart. Devices should be chosen on the basis of problems experienced by your patients. For example, If you get the patients suffering from Knee Arthritis, Combination Therapy is the solution. It also give effective results in Paralysis. If the patient is suffering from Plantar Fascitis, Low Level Laser therapy is the best fit. Shortwave diathermy is a real relief in diabetic pain. If your patient is having extreme stress and depression, CES is an alternative. Ultrasound therapy is best suited in wound healing. Electrotherapy is really effective in Sciatica, muscle pain, joints pain, nerve pain and foot-drop. It is even an alternate to knee replacement surgeries.

Knee Pain

Lower Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Sports Medicine

Frozen Shoulders

Post-Op Rehab

Step-5: Jump-start the sale of your physiotherapy clinic!

Gaining new patients and engaging current ones should one of your core tasks. The above steps combined will give you quite clear picture of your practice, idea of your concept and the costs you will be making. Now you need to develop certain strategies to get patients in the door, and more importantly, to keep them coming back.

You may apply following attractive approaches for your patients:

  Build a website for your clinic.
  Provide option of online booking to save your patients’ time.
  Provide free/exciting offers to your repeated customers.
  Provide Home-visit services to old-age patients.



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