Providing physiotherapy to older people is both a challenge and a need. As we age, our body natually goes through many physical changes that include reduced muscle strength, reduced bone density, reduced flexibility, weaker joints and increased pain levels. Physiotherapy cannot stop ageing but it can help to reduce the impact it has on our lifestyle.

Physiotherapists have a key role in helping older people to enhance their mobility and independence. They are trained professionals who identify the factors that prevent people from being as active and independent as they can be. Then they work on those factors to keep their patients comfortable and pain free.

Physiotherapy – A successful recovery method for seniors

Physiotherapy has a particularly important role in the successful recovery because it improves person’s strength, mobility and flexibility. Physiotherapy for senior citizens is beneficial for a variety of reasons:

1. Reducing the risk of a fall

One of the common reasons a senior needs physiotherapy is to recover from a fall. Falls happen due to loose grip in feet and are often the leading case of accidents among seniors that result in bone fractures. A physiothrapist can teach seniors different techniques to prevent a fall.

2. Lowering risk of injury

Physiotherapy helps seniors to maintain their stability. This awareness helps reduce the risk of injuries.

3. Decreasing pain from chronic conditions

Physiotherapy helps in alleviating pain from conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis, sore muscles and other chronic pain.

4. Reducing the use of prescription drugs

Seniors are usually on heavy prescription drugs to help manage their chronic pain and its unberable sufferings. However, physiotherapy could help reduce the need for medications, and could be a more cost-effective form of treatment.

5. Maintaining an independent lifestyle

When senior citizens are able to recover from an injury and manage their pain, it allows them to lead an active, independent lifestyle for a longer period of time.

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