Introducing India’s Most Compact Physiotherapy Kit

Johari Digital adds a new member to its physiotherapy family– Physio Kit !

It is a special kit that carries combination of therapies for pain relief to be delivered at home. It is specifically designed for Physiotherapists. It comes in the most compact and elegant backpack. Physiotherapists can use Physio Kit in their home visits and clinics.

It is a combination of electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy devices that quickly and conveniently delivers the effective treatment in pain conditions and healing. Often people are too injured, too sick or in severe pain to move hence they prefer to get rehabilitation at their home. Physiotherapists help to keep people healthy, active and independent. They also support old-age people to improve their quality of life. Johari Digital contributes to support the Physiotherapists who add life to years with holistic approach.

Uniquely Designed for Physiotherapists

The Physiotherapy Kit is designed in such a way that every Physiotherapist can carry it on their home visits. Physio Kit is a combination of electrotherapy and ultrasound devices. It contains US FDA cleared devices: Stim3 (Nerve and Muscle Stimulator) and JUS-1 (Ultrasound Device).

These devices are specifically designed by focusing on their size according to Physio Kit. This kit comes in a compact backpack. With this elegant and portable backpack, it becomes easy to keep and arrange all the devices and its associated accessories in a single place. This stylish backpack is loved by the young physiotherapists as it is easy to carry. The Physio Kit has an additional advantage that its devices are battery-operated. The Physio Kit provides dual therapies with On-The-Go Clinic because we understand the needs of physiotherapists.

US FDA Cleared Devices with No Side-Effects

The Physio Kit contains Stim3 (TENS, EMS, IFT) and JUS-1 (Ultrasound). Both the devices are US FDA cleared.  The electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy are always safe and effective to use. People will not experience any side effects, as these are non-invasive methods for relieving pain. Additionally, People who experience pain relief from these therapies may reduce their intake of pain medications, which can be addictive or cause adverse side effects.

These devices work by delivering small electrical impulses via electrodes on skin. These electrical impulses enter the nervous system, reducing its ability to transmit pain signals to the brain. These impulses also stimulate the body to produce natural pain relievers called endorphins. These devices help in alleviating several conditions of pain.


Delivering Treatment in Following Areas of Applications…

The Physio Kit tends to deliver effective treatments in pain relief and muscle rehabilitation. These devices help in local blood flow that reduce swelling, chronic inflammation and promote bone fracture healing. These devices can also be used in sports injury as they help in muscle strengthening with faster recovery. Ultrasound and electrotherapy have got proven results in managing pain in the following segments:







Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

Spain / Strain

Disuse atrophy


Posture Improvement

Tennis Elbow

Shoulder injury

Muscle Conditioning

Performance recovery

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Total Knee & Hip Replacement

Tendon Repairs

Bony Fracture Rehabilitation

Post Natal Rehab

Fast Recovery

Increase range of motion

Increase Local blood Flow


Unveiling the Devices Inside Physio Kit

Nerve Muscle Stimulator

Independent 4 channels

 Interferential/ TENS/EMS/Interferential

Intensity Controls For Each Channel

Battery Operated / Adapter

Ultrasound Machine

7 Segment Digital Display

1 MHz Ultrasound Therapy

 Intensity Controlled Applicator

Multiple Selections of Parameters




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