A step towards Diabetes Awareness

November 2019 – National Diabetes Month is a time to bring attention to diabetes across the country. This year’s focus is on the link between diabetes and spreading awareness to its associated problems and concerns. Clinical observations suggest that Electrotherapy provides pain relief to approximately 85 percent of patients with neuropathic diabetes. Shortwave Diathermy, is effectively helpful in swelling and promote healing in damaged tissues.

Shortwave Diathermy: An emerging treatment for Diabetic pain

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) is a long-standing diabetes that causes chronic pain, hyperalgesia, and numbness. When a deep heating effect is necessary for neuropathy pain, then ShortWave Diathermy (SWD) is the logical choice. Since 1940, Shortwave Diathermy has been a part of a standard physical therapy and is one of the most popular forms of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation treatments. SWD significantly increase temperature of deep soft tissues by increasing metabolic activity of collagen-based structures.

Electromagnetic diathermy is used for pain control. It is effectively used in the rehabilitation of many acute and chronic musclo-skeletal injuries. Electromagnetic diathermy can also be used to reduce pain, swelling and accelerates tissue healing with chronic inflammation. SWD also increases vascular circulation and changes tissue temperature which directly results in vascular dilatation- an increase in pain threshold and decrease in pain & swelling.

The Mechanism of Action of Shortwave Diathermy

Shortwave Diathermy has been used as a treatment for diabetic neuropathy since at least the late 1990s. Basically, it uses electrodes placed on the skin near the location of pain. Shortwaves modulate transmission of pain impulses to brain by inhibiting presynaptic transmission of dorsal horn of the spine which directly inhibits nociceptive stimuli. There may also be an element of endogenous pain control through stimulation of enkephalins, dynorphins and endorphins.

This RF technology is often used as an adjunct to medication. Duration ranges from 30 minutes to continuous and treatment may ranges from days to months. It is a radio frequency radiation with a frequency of 27.12 MHz, which is therapeutically used by physiotherapists. Electromagnetic diathermy heat can be induced about 4–5 cm below the skin, and the skin temperature can rise up to 45 °C, when electromagnetic therapy is applied. There are 2 standard modes: Continuous mode and Pulsed mode.

There is no mistaking a diathermy session for diabetic pain / Neuropathy. Contraindications and precautions must be adhered for safety reasons.

RF Shortwave Diathermy for Physical Medicine and Rehab

The device SSD-500 with solid state generator present Shortwave Diathermy in its most advanced induction field circuitry provides a short-wave frequency of 27.12 MHz that penetrates deep into muscle tissues with negligible heating in fatty layer or bone. It is ideal for professionals or trained personnel in physiotherapy, rehabilitation or Hospital setup.
Special Features:
  Solid State Shortwave Diathermy
  Manual Tuning
  Digital Display
  High-Performance multi-jointed arms
  Easy to use control and readouts



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