We are extremely happy and excited to announce that Johari MedTech, the manufacturer of Electro-Medical devices, is MDSAP Certified!
With 40 years of manufacturing excellence in healthcare industry, Johari Medtech adds another milestone by becoming the first Indian Electronic Medical Equipment Manufacturing company to receive the prestigious MDSAP certificate that has a direct influence on Design and Manufacturing controls, which in turn impacts product safety and performance.
Getting MDSAP, the distinguished certificate, ensures that Johari Medtech has implemented and maintained Quality Management System and Processes throughout the Design, Development, Manufacturing and Distribution of Medical Devices.

Proof of our robust and stable processes

The MDSAP Certification opens up a world of global opportunities for Indian Healthcare Equipment manufacturers to export with confidence to all MDSAP member countries such as Brazil, Australia, Japan, USA, Canada and of course India. With this certification, Johari Digital is ready and poised to cater to the stringent quality requirements to be able to compete globally.

While MDSAP has the potential to save medical device manufacturer’s time, labour and money, these audits are rigorous and stringent as it harmonizes and converges quality management system’s requirements of various agencies. Johari Medtech complies and satisfies the requirements of multiple regulatory jurisdiction.

Glories to Johari’s…

Watch Ms. Nisha Johari, Managing Director of Johari Digital, speak about the challenges and global opportunities that open up for Indian Healthcare Equipment Manufacturers with MDSAP Certification.

With this certification, Johari Digital’s stringent quality manufacturing processes for its customers will enable them not only to sell their products in India but across 5 other member countries- Brazil, Canada, Australia, Japan and United States of America.



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