An evening to solemnize 50 years of eternal faith in one another!

Have you ever idealized a relationship, ever given a thought about how it would be if you could live with the same enthusiasm and energy at every stage of life? The perception of love is similar to a mirage in today’s world. Unlike the contemporary delusional love stories, this one is a classic beholding the true essence of love.

How the event unfolded?

The event unfolded in several segments. Every segment was in sync with the journey they had in their life. The event began with a conventional Indian marriage entry in Rath, where the duo ruminated over songs and dance.

The cheerful crowd and drum beats spread a lingering joy in the environment. The couple was elated with a warm reception.

The zeal and fervor were nowhere less than the actual wedding day!

Drumbeats followed as the couple reached the final venue. Mr & Mrs. Johari looked astonished watching everyone so ready and cheerful. Nobody missed the chance to dance as the couple reached the center stage for the Varmala ceremony. It was divine to watch 50 years of young love cherishing every moment.

The nuances of relationships transform as we grow. The organic instincts and melody in Mr. & Mrs. Johari’s love story were visible throughout the Varmala ceremony

Later, as the evening dozed, we were engrossed deeply in the life story of Mr. & Mrs. Johari. The ramp walk depicting beautiful memories made everyone catch a nerve. The stories behind the picture made everyone curious to dig more. The excitement reached the threshold during the second picture, where we came to know about the beginnings of the 50-year-old love story.

During the entire event, the couple administered great affection towards the team members and one another. Age never became a barrier in the way they attended and participated in every performance. The cheerful audience grew more cheerful when Mr. Johari took the center stage.

The event winded up with a skit & cake cutting ceremony.

The team showcased the titbits, tantrums, and struggles in day-to-day lives. The characters justified the roles of Mr & Mrs. Johari. The instances showcased were from the daily work hours, original Mr & Mrs. Johari possibly found a new perspective about themselves! The satirical display won everyone’s heart and made everyone realize that engineers can also be creative!

Everyone from the team poured their heartiest wishes to Mr & Mrs. Johari for the beginning of the second innings!



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