Medical Device Development is a highly regulated task involving different talents including Engineering, Manufacturing, Designing, Regulatory& Quality, Sales & Marketing. Medical Device Contract Manufacturing unit needs the joint efforts of all these departments across the product lifecycle- from product conception to final Go-To-Market. Post-release in the market, medical devices pass through multiple phases of feedback before gaining sustainable market stability. The feedbacks range from Aesthetics & UX/UI to Functionality & Handling. The general perception is that the role of a contract manufacturer ends post-delivery of the consignment.

However, with us as your Contract Manufacturer, you could get market feedback corrections done to ensure that the product lives up to the end consumer expectations and establishes a market for itself.

Johari’s Post Market Design & Development Assistance

Working with numerous clients from Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Hospital Equipment, Lab Equipment and many more other medical device segments, we understand challenges our clients face. Post production and market release of the product/device receives feedback on different aspects from Doctors, End users and often investors & stakeholders.

Sometimes the changes are small and sometimes they are major. In both cases, the clients need someone who could assist them in making modifications at a lower cost & within a specific timeline.

Johari’s edge in Manufacturing lies in the fact that we assist you with design & development modifications post-delivery of the consignment too. We stand with our clients throughout the product development journey to help their products attain a sustainable market stability.

How can we assist you with Design Post Market release?

Industrial Design

Let’s consider a case of a clinical model device for Hospital use. Post Installation, doctors and staff found it isn’t easy and handy to manage. They’ve suggested several modifications pertaining to the product features that will make the handling easy. We have an expert team of designers to assist you with modifications required in Industrial Design. The team understands the issue and comes up with a relevant solution to improve the handling ease.

 Fastprep MP Biomedicals


MP Biomedicals


Electronics & Software Design

There may be an issue with the Electronics or overall functionality of the device. The team of engineers and software designing experts re-work to improve functionality and address the key issues reported in the market feedback of the product

Technical Documentation & Regulatory Assistance

Wish to take your product to Newer Markets?

We can help you enter newer markets too with regulatory assistance too. In the past, we’ve assisted numerous clients to enter US, Europe and Australian markets.

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We stand by you to assist you throughout your product development journey. With 40+ years in the Medical Device Industry we’ve associated with numerous clients to accelerate new, innovative and accessible healthcare devices to different Global Markets.

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