Here we are, with another interesting device for insomnia!

Do you also have the best sleep in a moving vehicle?

If yes, have you ever tried finding out why?

It’s because vibrations cause constant motion improving the connectivity between different brain areas. The vibrations cause an increase in the amount of blood flow in the brain.

The Vagus nerve of the brain receives the vibroacoustic therapy system causing significant improvement in mood disturbances and disturbed sleep patterns.

Science behind vibroacoustic therapy for Insomnia

Ancient methods identify vibrations and sound as the perfect way of attaining balance. Since early vedic times the vibrations have always been around human life in the form of chants, hymns and various other forms. Historians and scientist have carefully evaluated how different frequencies impact the mental state & wellbeing of an individual. Utilising the data from these studies’ modern low frequencies and therapeutic music is transferred by transducers to entail instantaneous relief and healing.   

The vibrations produced by the transducers causes an increase in the amount of blood flow in brain. The Vagus nerve of the brain receives the vibroacoustic therapy system causing significant improvement in mood disturbances and disturbed sleep patterns.


Insomnia: World’s most furiously rising health issue!

Insomnia is one of the world’s leading health issues. On average, an adult needs 7 or more hours of sleep. The latest data reports reveal that around 70 million adults in the US are affected by disturbed sleep patterns.

Different ethnicities and races have different levels of sleep disturbances.

It is evident from the graph that a large proportion of the population suffers from chronic or acute insomnia. All over the globe excessive fast lifestyles and urbanization have made insomnia one of the most prominent issues amongst the young global population.

Neuromodulation Device:

Pros over Conventional Sleep Medication

Conventional sleep Medication causes nausea, headache, and different other severe health issues. Constant use of pain medications over the years can lead to liver damage and heart health problems. Vibroacoustic has following benefits over the conventional means of sleep medication:

  1. It’s a completely Non-Pharmacological Approach
  2. Completely Non-Invasive approach
  3. Instantaneous & fast relief
  4. Safe to use without any side-effects

How does Vibroacoustic Technology work for Insomnia?

Generally, Vibro-acoustic Technology incorporated devices come with a mobile-based application. The data received on application is used to suggest behavioral changes and lifestyle changes. The technology is aptly suitable for:

  • Self-stimulation
  • Decreased hypersensitivity
  • Increased postural security
  • Increased concentration and attentiveness
  • Increased balance
  • Increased body awareness
  • Calming effects
  • Reduction of abnormal muscle tone at slow speeds
  • Increased alertness at high speeds

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