Medical Device Development is a highly regulated task involving multiple stages and different talents. The marketers in the MedTech firms are the first ones to interact with a new product idea.

From day one when the discussion around a project begins to the time it reaches the developers, the idea goes through multiple stages. It might start as something else and evolve as a completely different product. Often there is a deep disconnect team between the marketers and the development team.

To bridge the gap strict measures, need to be taken in the Med-Tech organizations to build products that comply with FDA regulations and cater to relevant market demands.

What is a Design Brief?

The Design Brief is very different from the conventional market requirement documents. A design brief outlines the purpose for which a product is being developed in detail.

It acts as a reference for developers so that they don’t lose track. During the development process, the designers might make changes that tend to contradict the initial design brief. In such situations, the chances of product recall are high. Having a proper design brief in place makes it easier to have the product according to desired specifications.

Different elements of Design brief

  1. Objectives, goals, strategies, and realistic milestones
  2. Cues & Market Trends
  3. Manufacturing considerations
  4. Tech & IP development status, patent concerns
  5. Use Cases & User Needs

How to bridge the gap between the Marketing & Development team?

To bridge the gap between Marketing and Development at Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd we adopt the following practices:

  1. Conduct regular meetings to address the concerns in projects
  2. Delve in deeper discussions to evaluate gaps that prevent from building the right product
  3. Establish proper communication links to make the lead generation channel more streamline
  4. Going beyond excel data and sheets to check the viability of the design on the ground level

We at Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd. promote internal and external communication at all levels. This ensures that the project we deliver matches your expectations.

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