Evolving from a daughter to a grandmother! 

I had an enriched & cheerful childhood. As a daughter my parents triggered key strengths in me. They pushed me to take challenges, add creativity, and remain confident in all my pursuits. Education was their primary concern and to accomplish quality education I enrolled in BITS Pilani, One of the Nation’s Prestigious Institute. It was an exciting experience where I nurtured my interests & made many memories. Everything I learned in the primary phase of life has made me a better person.    

As a mother, I gave my daughters space and support to nurture their own strengths. My closest friends are my grandchildren, their cheerful gestures keep me alive. I always try to keep them closer to nature through different pursuits in “Shunyam”, our happy place!   

Can Motherhood help in becoming a better leader?

Motherhood has made me more receptive towards others!
I became more empathetic; I could understand and feel the difficulties of my team members and my clients.  

Being a mother, you need to always keep your children as a priority. Same applies to business too, in professional arena clients are the priority. I’ve tried understanding the Client’s perspectives and this has helped me deliver better solutions and align processes accordingly. 

Motherhood is a catalyst for professional growth!

I feel a girl is complete with motherhood. All the qualities acquired as a mother including, Time Management, Patience, Empathy and Perseverance have made me a better leader. 

I continually learn and grow as a mother and as a leader. 

Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day!  

-Nisha Johari, Founder & MD, Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd. 



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