In today’s dynamic world, being able to outsource essential business processes comes as a blessing. As organizations see business outsourcing as a viable option for growth and expansion, it is imperative to select the right outsourcing partner for reaping the optimal benefits of the partnership and contributing to the growth of the business.

The primary reason a company engages a contract manufacturer or an outsourcing partner is to provide value-added services that the hiring company can’t effectively deliver on its own. Outsourcing proves to be reliable and cost-effective, and helps quicken the time-to-market period.

Thus the responsibility is on the business owner to select the right candidate as a contract manufacturer, set up vigorous business processes, and negotiate prices and contract terms that are beneficial to both parties.

Johari digital is India’s leading medical equipment manufacturer. We are a DSIR recognized R&D facility, providing innovative and industry-leading manufacturing technology for the benefit of the global healthcare industry.

We offer end-to-end medical equipment manufacturing services, allowing customers to gain the benefits of supply chain consolidation, manufacturing efficiency and lower costs.

Some of our services are as follows:

1. All solutions under one roof:

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced members who are constantly focused on innovation, and applying cutting edge technology and creativity to fulfill your goals. At Johari’s we provide a one stop shop for all your needs be it Designing, research and development, electronic manufacturing and its mechanical assembling, quality checks and control, supply chain management and packaging and labeling. We are here to help you out on every step of the way!

2. Research and Development:

Whether you want to move your prototype into manufacturing or reduce the cost of manufacturing ready products, Our team of highly experienced and strong engineering capacities can contribute to the success in circuit design, PCB layout, software development, test engineering and product development.

3. Supply Chain Management

They have integrated fulfillment across a network of industries, suppliers and distribution partners, therefore you get improved visibility with minimized overheads, and a more stable, balanced supply chain, responsive to fluctuating market demands. They are known to have a large number of distribution and service centers to help you deliver your product and service with quality, time, and cost-savings in mind.

4. Quality Management:

When you partner with us, you will become a seamless and integrated part of our MDSAP-based processes. Having spent 40 years in medical manufacturing, we are known to have bench-marked processes to the highest standards; as a result they have accumulated a lot of certifications, and recognition for our expertise and excellence. Right from the selection of raw materials to the assembly of the finished device, we implement stringent quality controls and precise testing protocols at every stage to ensure that your product is on par with the global standards in design and performance.

We are ISO13485 certified as of 2016, which is a pre-requisite for medical device industry. We are one of the first Indian Manufacturers, who are FDA Registered in Electro-Medical Devices. Additionally, we got the USFDA clearance for our electro-medicine device in 1986 and further continued to get more than 15 products FDA certified. We are also one of the first GMP medical device manufacturers in India.

With our several decades of experience,our processes have been benchmarked to the highest standards of precision, performance and safety.We truly believe in providing the best quality, best technology and the best product.

Johari Digital believes in the best quality, best technology and the best product. They are a single point of contact for many medical device requirements and hence are one of the leading contract manufacturers of medical devices in India. Get in touch today!!



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