Stress may not be recognised as an immediate threat to physical and mental well-being. If managed well, it may not pose any threat at all. Keeping this in mind may help develop and distribute more intervention and treatment apparatuses like Nishcalm Cranial Electro-stimulation (CES) that help balance and manage stress-levels by modulating the brain’s electrochemical signals.

Nishcalm CES passes waveforms between two electrodes clipped on to the earlobes which send signals to the brain. A 20-minute session with Nishcalm can relieve stress, elevate the mood and improve sleep patterns.

If not kept in check, stress has a way of interfering with our daily lives. Insomnia, frequent headaches, hypertension and anxiety are all indicators of high stress levels. Ignoring these indicators can lead to more serious health-issues such as stomach ulcers, strokes, asthma, and heart diseases.

Doctors, physicians and therapists are looking at solutions that include path-breaking technology and advanced healthcare devices. Manufactures must capitalise on the opportunity to produce world-class devices that rely on scientific ways to help combat stress.

Power naps are a great way to de-stress. They help us regain energy and stay productive. CES is a technology built on the fundamentals of power-naps. It helps calm the brain by reducing stress levels associated with everyday activities, fear, anxiety and related emotions. Its effects on the mind are as beneficial as meditation. Devices that use this technology guide the mind and body into a state of deep-relaxation.

This technology is rapidly gaining favour with the medical fraternity, converting them into consumers – given their stressful work conditions. Recommended to consumers as a complementary treatment to the care provided by hospitals, the market for these products is seeing exponential growth. Seen more as a lifestyle solution than a medical one, it is fast becoming popular due to its proven results and ease of use.

As these devices are intended for use by consumers, usually under no expert supervision, meeting strict safety standards is crucial. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States of America has instituted stringent approval mechanisms for any healthcare device available on the market. From inspecting the product manually to ascertaining safety standards, the FDA conducts extensive testing before giving clearance. Every label and all product-related information is carefully inspected.

Once cleared by the FDA, a product is deemed safe for use. There is negligible possibility of the product being a health hazard, even in case it is unintentionally mishandled. FDA approval lends credibility to the product when sold in international markets outside of the United States. CES has been proven safe for use in the treatment of insomnia, high stress and anxiety by the FDA (U.S.A).

However, not all stress is harmful. Stress ramps up our body’s performance, helps us focus and be more responsible with our actions. All we have to do is find a balance.

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