WellStim – A Comprehensive Solution for Pain and Stress

Innovative technology for Pain & Stress Management to provide an effective wellness experience.

How Wellstim is helpful in Pain Clinics?

WellStim is Combination of Pain Relief Technologies and Stress Therapy

WellStim is a combination of electrotherapy, ultrasound and CES therapy. Electrotherapy and ultrasound can be applied to a wide range of conditions in pain relief like acute and sub-acute traumatic and inflammatory conditions, paralysis, sports injury, edema, chronic rheumatoid, arthritic and bone metastasis pain. CES therapy, on the other hand,  entrains brain waves to a frequency that promotes relaxation and calmness.
Whether you treat general purpose patients, post-operative patients, high-performance athletes, senior citizen, general rehab or people with stress and insomnia– It covers all. The goal is to restore functionality and improve quality of life, for both the patient and the family.

The fast & effective treatment Result helps in generating better ROI.

Johari Digital’s WellStim makes your clinic more marketable & generates positive patient engagement & response. It is a combination of pain and stress solution that operates on multiple levels. The integration of multiple treatments will provide doctors flexibility to customize treatments and deliver better outcomes. This combination device is designed as per the industry requirements to fit your unique needs.

3 Patients can be treated Simultaneously with one device

Whether you need a focused single treatment, or a complete treatment package that could benefit in several ways – we have you covered.
WellStim focuses to deliver 3 technologies simultaneously – Ultrasound, Electrotherapy & CES. It has 4 output channels for electrotherapy, 1 output channel for Ultrasound and 1 channel for CES Therapy. This means that multiple patients can be treated simultaneously with the single device! Ultrasound treatment has been given via ultrasound applicator and CES therapy uses ear-clip electrodes.
Wellstim, as the name suggests, is aimed at integrating therapies for pain and Stress into one solution and helps in achieving Wellness for life.

Preset Protocols and Unique Electrode Placement Reference Library


WellStim contains Electrode Placement reference library to demonstrate placement of electrodes in different body areas according to different conditions of pain. Doctors can experience the benefit of 16 preset protocols. They can also create customized treatments of their own and save it in the device for future purpose.
It can provide 4 pole / 2 pole interferential treatments as well as a wide range of other electrical stimulation waveforms along with Ultrasound. CES therapy calms the brain within minutes that bring about deep relaxation.

Why Stress Relief Therapy with Pain Management?

The answer is simple. Studies have repeatedly proved that chronic pain and stress share a symbiotic relationship.
Pain causes mental stress, which leads to more pain and more stress. The body’s response to pain and stress triggers an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. All of which brings sleep deprivation, illness, and lack of well-being. Chronic systemic inflammation often accompanies distress. These alterations of inflammatory activity play a key role in the chronic distress, like cardio-vascular disease, type-2 diabetes, malignancy and metastasis.
That’s why, the most recent and advanced techniques in pain rehabilitation focus on alleviating stress so that it brings efficiency in the treatment of chronic and acute pain.

It is Safe, Effective and Drug Free Treatment with No Side Effects

The devices consists of US FDA technologies that are safe effective to use. Electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy and CES are always safe and effective to use. People will not experience any side effects, as these are non-invasive methods for relieving pain. Additionally, People who experience pain relief from these therapies may reduce their intake of pain medications, which can be addictive or cause adverse side effects


  • Post surgery rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal injury
  • Post surgery and fracture
  • Shoulder, knee & hip pain
  • Acute and chronic pain


  • Movement disorders
  • Stress Management
  • Cervical pain
  • Low Back pain


  • Increase Range of Motion
  • Disuse Atrophy
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • To regenerate the wounded tissues
  • Relief from muscle spasms
  • Relief from muscle aches and pains
  • Muscle re-education
  • Increase In Local Blood Flow


  • Labor pain
  • Post Surgical Pain
  • Stress Relief


  • Muscle Re-education
  • Recovery After Arthroscopy
  • Reduce Edema
  • Increase Endurance


  • Reduce Pain



  1. Symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain
  2. Adjunctive treatment in the management of post surgical and post traumatic acute pain condition


  1. Insomnia
  2. Anxiety


  1. Pain relief
  2. Reduction of muscle spasm
  3. Localized increase of blood flow
  4. Increase range of motion of contracted joints using heat and stretch techniques


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