Who must have ever imagined technology reaching a point where it could offer a sound sleep!  

At Johari Digital, we made it possible with NishCalm. An FDA-approved device developed based on cranial electrical stimulation helps in inducing a deeper sleep for relaxed sound health. The running lives, 24 hours work burnout, and long bills often take away sound sleep. Several major sleep issues, insomnia, and post-operative stress might also become a reason for unhealthy disturbed sleep patterns. In such cases, one needs a solution to recover a sound sleep. NishCalm is a perfect non-invasive and non – chemical solution for regaining the long deep sleep hours.

Whom do we recommend NishCalm?

In general, anyone experiencing a disturbed sleep pattern can sign up for NishCalm therapy. But, patients with a history of stroke, anxiety, and stress must try the NishCalm device. The results from research conducted on feedback show that patients using the NishCalm device recovered faster than the patients not using the device. Why?  

Doctors recommend 8 hours of healthy sleep to keep the body fully functional. The mind and organs need to recharge before they begin another cycle of events. Therefore, an unhealthy sleep pattern might severely hamper productivity.  

How does it work?

NishCalm is designed using cranial electrical stimulation technology. The technology is proven effective in insomnia treatment and various stress related problems. The Veteran Administration study reveals that CES is highly effective in managing headache, insomnia, and many more conditions that disturb the sleep pattern. The CES technology is an evidence-based pain intervention technology. The calming of the brain in turn facilitates longer sleeping hours. 


People who sleep well remain productive for long hours. Underestimating the sleep disturbance might cause severe damage in the long run. NishCalm is a portable, handy, zero side effect, and medically approved solution to help you achieve longer sound sleep hours.  

Sleep well, to wake up well! 



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