Sr. Hardware Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Design & Develop digital / analog hardware and design flows including schematic, synthesis, simulation, mix signals PCB design and realistic design verification by combining test bench methodologies
  • The design work includes board architecture and design, component research and specification, PCB designer guidance, interfacing with other design engineers, and interfacing with management during product design cycle
  • Provides input to product requirements.
  • Prepares documentation such as hardware requirements, design documents, schematic diagrams, test procedures, theory of operation, purchased part lists, and related information.
  • Prepares proposals, personnel and cost estimates, and work schedules to meet completion dates and technical specifications.
  • Conducts functional and environmental tests of new designs or modified existing designs to evaluate circuit and hardware performance against internal and external quality requirements.
  • Evaluates progress and results;
  • Maintains current knowledge and researches new technologies for future use.
  • Coordinate and support electrical safety (IEC/UL60601-1) and EMC (IEC60601-1-2) certification testing.
  • Provides technical lead guidance to other team members and performs direct management duties.
  • Other duties for design and development as deemed necessary

Other Details

  • Functional Area: Engineering Design , R&D
  • Experience – 8 to 10 Years.
  • Employment Type: Permanent Job, Full Time

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