Sr. Hardware Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Schematics and PCB Development
  • Design definition, specification, implementation and testing of products
  • Electronics medical devices experience with RF-based devices, IOT Based devices
  • Design 8 to 64-bit Micro-controllers & Microprocessors
  • Board level testing & signal integrity analysis
  • Develop & perform validation testing to ensure system design meet technical requirement as needed.
  • Work with a cross-functional team and outside suppliers

Experience Required

  • 3-8 Years

Who we want

  • Senior Hardware Design Engineer: – who is passionate about IOT, electronics, sensors, PCB Development and Designing & Implementation.
  • Hands on technology professional: – accustomed with complex project based works. Multifaceted with experience in Hardware designing. Engineers who bring strategic direction and drive for execution to ensure products are developed and launched with precision
  • Backed by strong credentials: – education requires list.
  • Quality assurer: -. Relentless about quality, people who thrive in a fast-paced environment and will stop at nothing to ensure a project is complete and meets regulations and expectations.
  • Quick learner: – Curious learners who seek out cutting-edge research and information to expand and enhance their ability to develop hardware.

Specific Skills required

  • Electronics Medical devices Designing CRF
  • IoT Based familiarities with basics electronics
  • Experience with designing embedded system (microcontroller, processors, DC-DC converters etc)

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