Manufacturing is an expensive task, and a prerequisite for survival for any small or mid-sized company. Very few companies have the ability to invest and routinely upgrade their equipment which could cost lacs. Investing so much money in equipment, personnel and process technology in a market that is so highly competitive, especially when these products have shrinking life cycles and eroding margins can take a huge toll.

Without the help of a contract manufacturer, the company will simply lack or not be able to avail economies of scale which would allow them to efficiently compete with their bigger competitors. Outsourcing is a reliable and cost-effective, and helps quicken the time-to market period.

We are a leading medical equipment manufacturer in India, thus we have become the single point of contact for many medical device requirements. Our Research and Development teams include highly qualified and experienced professionals who are focused on applying leading edge innovation and technology to your medical product concepts.

We offer complete end – to – end medical equipment manufacturing services, allowing our customers to gain the benefit of supply chain consolidation, manufacturing efficiency and lower costs. We are constantly integrating innovative technologies and processes with forward – thinking ideas cultivated in our own labs and in collaboration with outside partners.

Reasons to choose Johari’s Digital

1. Manufacturing Excellence:

Having spent 40 years in medical manufacturing, we are known to have bench-marked processes to the highest standards and have accumulated certifications and recognition for our expertise and excellence. The years of experience under our belt has made us a top choice for various clients.

At Johari’s, we encourage and support the creation of world class medical and healthcare devices, by offering our integrated design and manufacturing facilities. Additionally, our teams include highly qualified and experienced professionals who are focused on applying leading edge innovation and technology to medical product concepts, in order to produce the best of best medical equipment.

2. Quality Management:

We ensure compliance to Quality Management System, ISO 13485, and are one of the first Indian Manufacturers, who got the FDA 510 Clearance for electrotherapy device in India. Further we continued to get more than 15 products FDA certified. Also we are MDSAP certified hence we are satisfy the regulatory requirements of USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan and Australia. We are also the leading GMP medical device manufacturers in India.

3. Electronic Assembly:

We have also paved the way in utilizing PCB assembly, and while that is our core expertise, we provide services for assembling and manufacturing sub electronic systems.

4. Mechanical manufacturing:

We additionally pride ourselves on our expertise in mechanical engineering to manufacture medical device enclosures. We do it all with the best technology at our disposal.

5. Design for Manufacturing:

The process of designing parts, components and product for ease of manufacturing while optimizing the cost is the end goal of our design services. There is a set precision standard protocol for several design modules like Industrial design, electronics design, software design and mechanical design. With our designers and engineers working together to develop methods and products, we are able to prevent, detect, quantify and eliminate waste.

We pay special attention to Critical Components Planning, Manufacturing Frequency Estimates and Tooling or other-one time activities that require special attention to quality and detail.

We at Johari’s are committed to providing you with the best solutions, when it comes to medical equipment manufacturing. Our end-to-end solutions, and one stop shop services is the way to bring your ideas to reality. Come join us today!



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