The COVID-19 pandemic & “work from home” have made small towns/ cities emerging hotspots for working professionals.

The distorted boundaries between work and life accompanied with the social confinement resulting from remote work has triggered professionals to seek career prospects closer to their roots.

Let’s look at some of the key drivers motivating youth to explore opportunities in their home towns

The Work-life balance

Living in a metro city for work, makes your entire life only about work/office. The mind gets wired around the work wobble. After spending a long week at work, nostalgia hits hard.

During the lockdown, people cherished being close to their loved ones at home. The warmth & comfort of being around loved ones probably triggered individuals to look for prospective opportunities in their hometowns.


At the early stage of a career, savings are the priority. Cost of living in Metros and big cities are high. The travel expenses and home rentals are often a bone of contention for many specially for freshers. Living in hometown for work cuts living costs & brings huge savings.

Peace of Mind

Initially, the youth is attracted to the limelight of Metro cities. The sky scrapers, mega malls and party hubs are alluring. Giant corporate setups and aspirational paychecks compel one to get in the rat race. After chasing this mirage of attaining happiness through the Metro hustle and realizing that it is an unending cycle, professionals are driven to their hometowns for a balanced life.

Being closer to home, one can explore his/her full potential without compromising his/her peace & sanity.

The contentment of serving the community

The contentment of being around your people and making a contribution to your community cannot be underestimated. During these tough times, everyone has realized the value of the sense of safety which comes with living with your family.

Introspection over the meaning of growth

All of us want to grow in various aspects of life including Financial, Spiritual, Mental, Professional, and Physical. Realizing the importance of having an all-round growth and fulfilment is leading professionals to explore potential opportunities in their hometowns.

Take away…

COVID-19 lockdown has triggered a trend that is here to stay. Talented individuals will continue identifying growth opportunities in their hometowns and native states. This shift is undoubtedly going to impact the entire recruitment cycle. This will also be a great boon for our economy as career opportunities no longer remain confined to the Metros.

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