Obstacles make us more efficient!  
The end of the decade wasn’t a cakewalk!  

But the coming year marks the beginning of a fresh decade holding a plethora of opportunities to shine bright! Even on gloomy days, we kept our hopes high by organizing cheerful events and celebrating the joy of serving advanced healthcare solutions!  

Let’s sneak peek through the last year before we finally head towards a new journey in the coming year!

Johari’s Center of Excellence @IIT-Jodhpur

It was an immensely joyful and proud movement for us when a memorandum of understanding was signed between Johari and the Indian Institute of Technology. The collaboration shall yield innovation and newer opportunities. 

The medical device manufacturing industry is undergoing a massive transformation. The automation and surge of customization technologies in electronic medical devices have opened new challenges for manufacturers.

The collaboration brings an opportunity to dive deep and research solutions to make medical devices much more efficient and feasible. Johari’s experience shall combine with talent and resources in the new set up to make electronic medical devices more efficient, economical, handy, and smart.  

AI-Based Healthcare solutions

The pandemic was misery, but it gave us many good realizations as well. The growth in health service automation has given rise to a completely new segment. AI-driven healthcare solutions will be ruling the medical device segment in the coming years. Johari Digital Healthcare has started culturing various AI-based devices to remain relevant and give a more advanced functionality. The upcoming year will surely have many surprises under ML & AI-based Healthcare devices manufacturing.  

The Eco-Friendly Diwali!

The core of our brand comprises of serving nature’s creation in every possible way. Keeping in sync with the brand’s vision and mission we celebrated an eco-friendly Diwali with our team.

The occasion had a small plant gifting ceremony to the employees. The idea behind gifting small plants was to deliver the message of prosperity to the employees. The prospering of the plant shall symbolize the growth of the individual. 


The future is the reflection of our present!  
Here are few things you can sign up for to remain healthy in the coming year! 

Stay away from stress!

People dying around, horrific news from all corners of the world, and uncertainty in work was a source of stress in 2020. But, do not carry the burden of the pandemic stress in the new year!  

The NishCalm device from our labs has been curated to relieve anxiety & insomnia. It’s a non-invasive, handy, and portable device that helps you gain sound sleep. Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd has a range of products to help you overcome anxiety and sleeplessness.  

Have a Sound Sleep!

Sleep is often underrated!  

But, doctors claim that sleeplessness or irregular sleep patterns can lead to a significant loss in health. The NishCalm device utilizes cranial electrical stimulation to relax the brain and provide stress-free sleep. A healthy good night’s sleep guarantees a productive day!  

Make sure you sleep well, to wake up productive and happy!  


Universally, optimism is the fuel driving everything ahead!

2021 will be a year of new beginnings, possibilities, inventions, and developments in the health dynamics under manufacturing and production. The existing products/services under biochemistry, life sciences, medical device manufacturing, and related domains will also undergo a significant upgrade. AI, ML, IoT will be a part of the Johari Digital Healthcare manufacturing segment to facilitate automation and remain relevant with the changing dynamics of healthcare. Also, the current devices and patterns will continue to evolve with rigorous research and fruitful collaborations!  


Johari Family wishes everyone A Happy New Year!



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