What is BOM (Bill of Material)? 

A comprehensive list comprising prices involved in the development of a medical device is referred to as the Bill of Material (BOM). This may include Raw Materials, Assemblies, Sub-Assemblies, Work Force, Machinery, and Quantities required for the production of a Medical Device.  

Types of bills of Material for Medical Device Manufacturing  

Bill of material is a highly confidential detailed document with cost specifications obtained from different departments involved in the development of a Medical Device.  

Engineering Bill of Material [EBOM]

Engineering Bill of Material refers to a consolidated document consisting of parts price, supplier details, part status, and other details of pricing related to transport and logistics of the specific part are included in the EBOM. The document also consists of the technical or mechanical drawings specific to the product.

Manufacturing Bill of Material [MBOM]

All the items’ prices concerning your assemblies and manufacturing are specifically mentioned in the Manufacturing Bill of Material.  

Sales Bill of Materials [SBOM]

An SBOM is a consolidated document for use in different stages of sales. The bill consists of the final finished product and the material required to assemble it.  

Cybersecurity Bill of Materials [CBOM]

The software and hardware required for maintaining cybersecurity of the medical devices are included in the cybersecurity bill of materials.  

How do we optimize Medical Device Manufacturing costs for you? 

  • Supplier & Vendor Management  
  • Design Optimization & Management  
  • Supply Chain Management  
  • Component obsolescence Management   

Customizing the Bill of Material requirements specific to project requirements

Every project may or may not have similar requirements. To make sure the project doesn’t get delayed it is extremely important to ensure you have evaluated all the requirements throughout the manufacturing cycle.  

Obviously there will be several uninvited surprises but that should not account for more than 20% of the entire requirements. A detailed Bill of Material makes sure you don’t deviate from the plan and avoid any major overhead costs.

As a seasoned Medical Device Manufacturing Partner, we optimize the manufacturing cost for you in multiple ways.

Supplier & Vendor Management

Being in the industry for 40+ years we’ve a vast vendor and supplier network across the globe. Signing up with us, you unlock a rich default network of suppliers & vendors to accelerate your medical device to market.  

While preparing a BOM for your Medical Device we juggle across multiple suppliers & vendors to come up with the best quality at an optimum cost.

Design Optimization

Design optimization is yet another important aspect for Cost Optimized Manufacturing. Aligning with us you can be assured of keeping your innovation, cost & quality intact. Our clients have always been curious to know how we matched the design & innovation standards at a cost they’ve never imagined.  

 Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing

Lean six sigma-based Manufacturing says that a system needs less of everything to stay in shape & perform at its best. Based on this we utilize minimal resources and optimize our processes to deliver projects without delays. The system at our manufacturing facility makes sure the timelines are not just on paper!

Sign up with Johari for seamless Medical Device Development

Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd. is a global Medical Device Contract Manufacturing company headquartered in India with a Business development wing in Miami, USA.  

Johari caters to its global clients from a 65,000 square foot, state-of-the-art medical device manufacturing facility in India & an R&D Center in Europe. The manufacturing facility complies with MDSAP, ISO 13485:2016, and FDA (21 CFR 820) standards and processes. 

Johari’s diverse product development portfolio includes innovative life science products, Diagnostic devices, Clinical laboratory devices, Point-of-Care devices, In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs), Wearable Healthcare Devices, Connected AI-enabled healthcare monitoring Devices, and Therapeutic devices. 



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