The changing realms of medical device manufacturing in India tend to favor small and big size medical device manufacturers. The Indian government has cleared numerous roadblocks in the process to scale up & attract investments from around the globe. Niti Aayog, the think tank of India is developing strategies to culminate a bigger portfolio and generate higher revenue from medical device manufacturing.

Under the Make in India initiative, the government has planned to set up their manufacturing clusters in several states across the nation. To acknowledge and address the growing concerns of the medical device market it’s important to find a way to manufacture cost-optimized solutions at a reasonable price.

The dynamic shift in the global outlook of the country catalyzes the process of driving bigger medical manufacturing giants in India.

Why big giants are turning towards India for manufacturing?

The root causes attracting the contract manufacturing/OEM towards India are:

  • Daunting costs of labor and raw materials in China, Japan and various other manufacturing hotspots.
  • Complex supply chain across other regions when compared to India
  • Unfair and unfavorable trade policies
  • IP protection issues in different places
  • Technological landscape requires a major investment in other countries as compared to India.

6 Advantages to choose India as medical device manufacturing destination

  1. Strict policies for Intellectual property rights and data security
  2. Skilled human resource & low operation cost
  3. PLI (Production linked incentive) scheme
  4. Make in India & Aatm Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan
  5. Robust ecosystem to scale production
  6. Medical device parks

#1. Strict policies for Intellectual property rights and data security

Data is the new generation “Gold”, Indian engineering companies understand the value of data and the role it could play in maximizing the output. The global presence of reliable outsourcing partners has transformed the manufacturing pace in India. With experts and extensive multilayered security systems to detect data theft, most manufacturing companies are protected from data theft cybersecurity attacks. The key hygiene norms for protecting data include biometric access, server scans for penetration testing, encrypted computing devices, and advanced firewalls prominent in all the manufacturing units.

Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement and Patents Act 1970 involves the grant of product patents for medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

#2. Skilled human resource & low operation cost

India has highly skilled and talented professionals from prestigious institutions contributing to the R & D sector. Annually lakhs of young talented professionals are looking for enriching opportunities to join the force. The skilled labor at a reasonable cost can significantly benefit the medical device manufacturing companies looking for setting up operations in India.

#3. PLI (Production linked incentive) scheme

Production linked incentives scheme has been proposed by the Govt. of India to boost domestic manufacturing and attract larger investments in industrial segments. The companies having a net worth of more than 18 crores (the US $2.45 million) qualifies under the scheme, also there is no restriction to apply for other schemes even after enrolling in this scheme. The eligibility criteria laid down under this is project undertaking must be a “greenfield investment”.

#4. Make in India & Aatm Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan

The govt. of India adheres to the mission of “Make in India” and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the stress on promoting medical device manufacturing under the same will be pretty significant.

#5. Robust ecosystem to scale production

The surroundings are rapidly evolving with productive, innovative, and safer shop floors. Harnessing the new generation technologies like IoT, the supply chain has reached the next level. The tracking is extremely simple and easy. The incoming of raw materials, production, and shipment are all kept in line maintaining the balance.

By partnering with an engineering company in India, the partners get everything from skill to scale under one umbrella. Thus, it’s a symbiotic growth leveraging human potential & technology at its best.

#6. Medical device parks

The government of India has established a scheme to set up a medical device manufacturing ecosystem in India. The grant under the scheme will include world-class standard testing and infrastructure facilities in India. The primary goal is to reduce the medical device manufacturing cost, promote accessibility and enhance the overall affordability ratio in the country.

Some of the features under common infrastructure parks:

  • Component testing center/ESDM/PCB/Sensor’s facility
  • Electra magnetic compatibility center and Electra magnetic interference.
  • The accelerated centers for biocompatibility, biomaterial, and accelerated aging center.
  • 3D printing & designing for medical-grade products.
  • Common warehouse & logistics
  • Solid waste management systems

What makes Johari Medical device manufacturing services best in India?

The Johari cadre spans over a variety streams under medical manufacturing. From physiotherapy devices, diagnostic, sports medicine, aesthetic to a multitude of newer generation devices. Some key features proving the rich experience and strong positioning of Johari are mentioned below.

Strong regulatory

Generally, the major hindrance while looking in India for medical device manufacturing is the lack of appropriate strong regulatory. Johari facility is strongly in compliance with ISO13485: 2016 and MDSAP. Maintaining quality as the backbone at every level of manufacturing makes Johari a reliable manufacturing partner. Potential expertise spans across multiple regulatory jurisdictions such as US FDA (mainly CDRH), EU/CE and MDSAP etc.

Vast Capabilities

Johari has a vast array of capabilities required to take up manufacturing to the next level. Trusted by various multiple giants across the globe to manufacture world-class medical devices in different ranges and types. The control and 40 years of expertise in ideation, design, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery make us reliable. Also, 300+ vendor networks all over the globe makes our supply chain efficient even in hard times. We are tremendously incorporating automation at every level to reduce costs and make processes more efficient and less time-consuming.

Cost-optimized Manufacturing

Our 40+years of experience in the medical device industry dynamics has given us enough insights into how to minimize cost while working on big projects. We ensure quality and cost optimization at its best.


The coming years after the global pandemic havoc have created a massive hunger for quality medical device manufacturing. The Indian manufacturing industry will be a promising breeding ground for numerous med-tech startups and manufacturing companies. Also, the government schemes and fertile ground for establishing deeper connections with existing market will attract numerous medical giants to set up functions in India.



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