Electrotherapy has been used as a pain alleviating treatment for a very long time. To date, its complete potential remains unexplored. Conventional medication for pain and various other general health problems causes numerous side effects like bloating, irritation, nausea and much more. Electrotherapy, on the other hand has minimal side effects and this makes it a potential option as a pain-management technique. While, currently the most popular application of Electrotherapy is “Pain-Management”, other applications like aesthetics, veterinary use , muscle building also exists and are growing at a fast pace. Global Med-Tech brands are investing in the domain to develop products based on this technology for multiple uses.

How does Electrotherapy work for pain management?

Pain Management with Electrotherapy is based on “The Gate control theory of pain management”. According to this theory when current waves are administered in the body it causes pain-receptors to close. The closing of the pain-receptors leads to reduced pain without hampering the regular metabolism or causing any severe side-effects. 

The process of electrotherapy involves application of different intensities and frequencies of current at specific locations of the body to stimulate release of hormones, chemicals and re-building of ATP. The constructive mechanism promotes healing, relaxation and pain-relief without compromising the metabolism and chemical constitution of the human body. 

6 Applications of Electrotherapy in HealthCare 

1. Pain – Relief

Pain-Relief is one of the most popular applications of Electrotherapy. Some common pain conditions for which electrotherapy has been successfully used till date are: 

  1. Fibromyalgia 
  2. Muscle Pain
  3. Arthritis 
  4. Muscle Spasm
  5. Prevention & retardation of disuse atrophy
  6. Wound healing 
  7. Maintaining & increasing range of motion 
  8. Post-surgical stimulation of muscles to prevent venous thrombosis


2. Labor Pain Management 

There are multiple versions of the TENS device that are used during labor pain management. Conventionally, during labor pain management, there are multiple antipyretic sedatives used to alleviate the pain. 

These sedatives have a serious impact on mothers and babies. To overcome this TENS electrotherapy is one of the most preferred methods. The treatment is safe and does not cause any harm to the mother or the fetus. 

3. Anxiety and Insomnia Management

Cranial Electrical Stimulation refers to the stimulation that soothes the mind and body. The administration of Cranial Electrical Stimulation causes the release of epinephrine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and mannitol. These neurotransmitters cause a calming sensation without disturbing the internal metabolism. On application of low intensity current the sub-cortical region of the brain undergoes relaxation. The technology has also been instrumental in providing relief from insomnia and anxiety. 

4. Veterinary Pain-Management 

Electrotherapy is highly useful in veterinary pain management too. Unlike conventional pain-blocking mechanism of the TENS, Antalgic Electrotherapy used in dogs induces release of endorphins in dog’s system. The endorphins released cause substantial decrease in the pain-levels of the body. Endorphins are produced by dog’s own body to combat pain. The therapy is proven beneficial for muscle strengthening and pain-management in horses too. Continual research is in progress to evaluate other potential areas where electrotherapy can be used for veterinary care. 

5. Aesthetic, Face lifting & Toning 

Electrotherapy promotes ATP formation and healthy metabolism. The enhanced rate of collagen formation and rejuvenating properties of the electrical stimulation are of great use in aesthetic applications like face lifting, toning, and much more. Microcurrent therapy has been successfully used for firming the loose facial skin and reducing wrinkles & fine lines. 


6. Sports Medicine

The enhanced blood flow due to electrical stimulation causes increase in the muscle mass. The flow of electric current in the muscles enhances ATP production resulting in strengthening of the muscles. The therapy is also proven effective for muscle rehabilitation and functionality restoration in case of severe injury.

Electrotherapy is an unexplored area and still there lies a huge potential in the technology. Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd has an exclusive range of Electrotherapy devices for pain management, veterinary care, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and various other related domains. These devices are available for white labeling. 




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