Medical Device OEM | 360º Integrated Production

Johari MedTech offers complete end-to-end medical equipment manufacturing services, allowing our customers to gain the benefit of supply chain consolidation, manufacturing efficiency and lower costs. We are constantly integrating innovative technologies and processes with forward-thinking ideas cultivated in our own labs and in collaboration with outside partners.

OEM Services

Good Manufacturing Processes ( GMP) is in our DNA. Whether its evaluating vendor or processing incoming materials or assembling device we strictly follow Good Manufacturing process and standards. Continuous correcting and preventive actions (CAPA) are core in our process assuring long lasting quality in every OEM product we manufacture, test, verify and distribute through our OEM partners. 


Being able to offer Key-Turn solution for your products, we are uniquely positioned to optimize your manufacturing processes. Our DFM Group, Planning Group and Automation Group can help create and execute Optimization Plan that results not just in cost savings, but also in a simpler, more effective manufacturing lifecycle and stronger business performance.


Once mass manufacturing is set in motion, we move on to optimizing costs through Material and Resource Planning Optimization. With 35 years of experience, we have partnered with the biggest component suppliers to create cost-effective component purchase processes, meetings the strictest quality demands needed for a medical product manufacturing.


With our integrated fulfillment across a network of industries, suppliers and distribution partners, you get improved visibility with minimized overhead, and a more stable, balanced supply chain, responsive to fluctuating market demands. We have distribution and service centers located across India, USA, Europe and South America to help you deliver your product and service with quality, time, and cost-savings in mind.



IP Protection

Having a long history with our own and our partner's IP we know the value and importance of securing sensitive data. Along those lines we pro-actively establish, monitor and enforce security protocols to limit access to sensitive content.

Vendor Transparency

We transparently share any logistics, quality and cost information from our vendors. Leverage on this knowledge to optimize your supply chain for quality and cost.

Integrated Planning

When you partner with Johari, you will become seamless and integrated part of our own SAP-based processes. Plan, schedule and monitor manufacturing resources, to ensuring timely delivery of your products.

Lifecycle Management

It does not end with the product being out of our door and we know that. Whether it is repair, spare parts or refurbishing, we are ready and equipped to support you every step of your way.