Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

We deliver product not just paper proposal. Our team knows how to fill the gaps between design/prototype and manufacturable product. Whether it's a consumers who needs an exceptional user experience Or life science laboratories where product performance makes the difference Or diagnostics labs where precision and accuracy makes difference in results - We can meet all different design demands and requirements making sure design and development is easy to manufacture and cost effective for today's market. 


Industrial Design and Human Factors

Turn Your Ideas into Beautiful Products, with our award winner team members. We are well aware what it takes to dress up your products to look beautiful easy to use, robust,  safe, and easy to use. From concept sketches to market research to usability analysis, we care to add artistic flavors to your device. With our easy to use & human friendly viewpoint, we focus to style the user interface keeping in mind end customers, professionals and manufacturer. 


Engineering Services

All of our design activities have an objective of simplifying manufacturing activities, minimizing the diversity of components, and standardizing the handling and assembly operations. During our design, we pay special attention to Critical Components Planning, Manufacturing Frequency Estimates and Tooling or other-one time activities that require special attention to quality and detail.

Electronics Design Services

Our electrical and electronics services include both analog and designs: Power Management, Real-Time Embedded Systems Design, FPGA/ASIC Systems, RF & RFID circuitry, Data Acquisition Systems, RTOS-Bases Programmable Logic etc. Some of the digital platforms we have worked with run on ARM7, ARM9, Leon3, PowerPC, MicroBlaze processors and microprocessors.

Software Design Services

Weather it is embedded software design, FPGAs designs, desktop GUIs running on top of operating system, web applications, or an app designs, we have dealt with it all. Some of many technologies we have worked with: .NET Compact framework, Win CE, Java Swing Framework, JPA2 Mapper for Embedded Database, D2XX Communication Drivers etc.

Mechanical Design Services

Johari Digital provides In-House Mechanical Engineering Services. Our design Engineers use advanced CAD and Solid Works software to create designs that are not only mechanically stable but also aesthetically pleasing. Our experience coversCast Components, CNC machined components, Injection and pressure molded parts, Tooling & Molding, 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Plastic Injection Molding, Thermal Analysis, EMI & ESD Solutions Tooling.

Distributed Cost Effective Outsourcing Services 


Our highly skilled Design, development team is distributed between USA, Republic of Serbia and India. Our unique costing model allows cost effective and affordable solutions for our clients. Contact us today and see how much you can save by partnering with us.