Holi Celebration at Office

Holi... A colorful and unforgettable experience at workplace. This is an another example of having fun in this company.

The day was something different from our regular routines. I was cheering with shouts of happiness, joy and energy. I spread colors on everyone's face and danced like crazy with my office friends. Everyone looked full of life and made colors fly everywhere.

There were like series of mixed emotions - At first, there was a little hesitation while playing colors with my senior bosses, then we turn out to be like buddies by dancing altogether.

Every person enjoyed this festival to the fullest crossing their formal and official boundaries.

After this great magical time, we had a beautiful photo session where we were looking very colorful, funny and extremely happy. The whole environment turn out to be so comfortable and joyful that it gave some of us the feeling of celebrating Holi miles away from their home.